Waimarie apartments are ideally situated to provide a safe holiday destination.

We follow all NSW Health Guidelines, and have established our COVID -19 Safety Plan.

All guests must be fully vaccinated for Covid 19, and bring evidence of same. (We recommend covid 19 check in card)


We recommend that you wear a mask on the plane. Maintain social distancing at the airport.  You may need to continue to wear your mask till you arrive at your apartment. NSW health rules are changing frequently.


There are now no common areas. We have established a separate BBQ area, in a gazebo, for unit 1. Unit two will use the other area, (privacy screened).

We have established separate and private outdoor decking, at the rear of each apartment.

The transit room will only be available for departing guests, one apartment only on that day. Phone calls will need to be on wifi (complimentary).

Books, DVD’s, yoga mats, backpacks, picnic sets and umbrellas will now be available on request, and cleaned/ quarantined between use.


All NSW health guidelines will be followed.

There will now be a 24hr period between all new bookings, to facilitate cleaning efficiency.


Our units are secluded, private, with an easy walk to the lagoon beach, surf beach, and many walking trails. Maintain social distancing and hand hygiene when out and about.

If you develop cold and flu symptoms, you must self isolate and notify Sharon or Peter. We will notify the hospital. If you test positive, or if you are identified as a close contact, you may need to stay in self isolation for 14 days, or until you test negative.(dependent on current Health Orders)


A full refund will be given, if you cancel due to Covid-19 health orders, or a positive test (with written evidence dated within two days of your arrival).

Cancelled Qantas flights are subject to Qantas cancellation conditions and fees, and are outside our control. We will not pay any fees, charges or additional fares in relation to cancelled flights. We encourage you to book refundable airfares, and take out travel insurance.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.